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Organoid Technology

The organoid technology is a fast-emerging technology allowing for the efficient establishment of pre-clinical model system from primary patient material. Organoids closely resemble the organ they were derived from and can be obtained with high efficiency from patient-derived healthy and diseased tissue, which opens opportunities for the development of individualized therapies. Projects supported by the facility cover, among others, brain tumors, different types of sarcomas, renal tumors, and liver tumors.

Purpose for research

The organoid facility supports organoid-based projects by facilitating quality-tested conditioned media and matrices. Every research group can contact the facility with their needs regarding their organoid projects. Bulk orders are placed for the extracellular matrix required for organoid growth, basement membrane extract (BME), allowing for much larger discounts. Each new batch of BME is quality tested by the facility before it is distributed to the researchers. In addition, R-spondin and Noggin conditioned media are produced and quality tested by the facility. This quality testing involves testing the activity of the media in reporter assays as well as their ability to support organoid growth.

"Better models, increased knowledge: more cures!"

 Dr. Jarno Drost -
Dr. Jarno Drost


The organoid facility is embedded within the Drost group. This facility is made financially possible by donations of KiKa.