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Hans Clevers receives an honorary doctorate from the Catholic University of Leuven

Every year, the Catholic University of Leuven awards a number of people with special achievements in the scientific, social or cultural field. Hans Clevers is one of the five prominent scientists to be awarded an honorary doctorate on 2 February 2021.

Hans Clevers (1957) was a member of the board of directors of the Princess Máxima Center and is now one of the group leaders of the center's research department. He is also a professor at Utrecht University and a group leader at the Hubrecht Institute

He discovered how derailed cell production in the intestines leads to a precancerous stage of cancer and identified the intestinal stem cell. Clevers and his team developed a method to grow intestinal stem cells in the lab into 'mini intestines' (organoids), which can be used to investigate diseases and test drugs. Organoids are now also being made from other organs, such as kidney and liver, which contribute to better treatments. Hans Clevers' insights are widely applicable and have received many awards.