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Jarno Drost's research in Nieuwsuur

"Rhabdoid tumors are agressive tumors that occur in the kidneys, brain or central nervous system", says Jarno Drost in Nieuwsuur. Drost cultures mini-rhabdoid tumors to learn more about this rare type of cancer.
In the Nieuwsuur broadcast, all facets of the Princess Máxima Center were shown, however the focus was on the scientific research that occurs in here. Drost explains his research clearly. From a little bit of patienttissue, that remains after a biopsy or surgery, he cultures a tumor in a dish - a tumor organoid. These mini-tumors can tell him a lot about the genetic information of the cancer cells and about their sensitivity to medication. 

After seeing the interview in Nieuwsuur, ... contacted Drost. "These people have lost their child to this type of cancer", says Drost. As a reaction to this big loss, the parent started a foundation. Their goal is to collect money to fund more research on rhabdoid tumors, like Drost's. 

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