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Major contribution Princess Máxima Center at international conference

The 50th international world conference on child oncology, the SIOP Conference, took place in the third week of November 2018. Scientists from all over the world came together to exchange knowledge about research and care for children with cancer. The Princess Máxima Center was a prominent presence and made a substantial contribution to this conference. 

SIOP stands for the International Society of Pediatric Oncology. The SIOP strives for a world in which no child has to die from cancer. The global sharing of knowledge is an important task of the organization. At this conference, experts in the field of childhood cancer come together to exchange knowledge about research and treatments. The Netherlands was represented by pediatric oncologists, and also by surgeons, nurses, psychologists, and researchers with many different backgrounds.


Dutch pediatric oncology researchers and healthcare professionals have been attending the SIOP conference for years. Because of the combining of all expertise at the Princess Máxima Center, a large delegation from Máxima went to the conference this year. Not just as observers. The Máxima researchers had a substantial input during the conference days. Dr. Martha Grootenhuis, chair of the SIOP-PPO, Pediatric Psycho-Oncology working group, was jointly responsible for an ‘educational day’ prior to the conference. Raphaële van Litsenburg was invited as key-note to discuss sleep problems in children with cancer and survivors. Van Litsenburg works in van Grootenhuis' group.


Dr. Marry van den Heuvel-Eibrink from the Princess Máxima Center made a major contribution to the program as a member of the Scientific Committee. Researcher Jan Molenaar gave a lecture about his research into neuroblastomas and the use of organoids. There were also contributions from various PhD students with both talks and posters. Within the SIOP, there is great attention to transferring knowledge to less prosperous countries. Employees of the Máxima Outreach Program were also strongly represented on the conference program.
The SIOP conference is seen as the global platform for pediatric oncology professionals and researchers to exchange knowledge in order to achieve even better treatment for children with cancer. The next SIOP conference will take place in Lyon in October 2019.