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Oncode welcomes Anne Rios as new member

Dr. Anne Rios has been selected to join Oncode. This provides her with scientific and financial support to perform her research into pediatric oncology.

Oncode Institute is dedicated to outsmart cancer by facilitating and financing scientific research into the disease. Earlier this year, Oncode called for talented young female investigators to apply. 'We strongly believe that we need to actively support young female scientists in building their career. The Oncode Female Junior Investigator programme gives us the means to do so. Next to embedding these talents into the thriving Oncode community, we will support them with a tailored mentoring programme', says prof.dr. Monique den Boer, chair of the selection committee and scientist in the Princess Máxima Center.

Seven researchers, amongst whom dr. Rios, were selected out of 56 applications to join Oncode. Dr. Rios uses cutting edge imaging technologies. She visualizes intact organs and tumors in 3D as well as biological samples on sub-cellular resolution.

‘Becoming part of Oncode will enable us to obtain maximum scientific and financial support which is essential to build and fully support a team of experts in order to achieve greater science,’ says dr. Rios.