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Princess Máxima Reward for translational research

By centralizing healthcare and science in the Princess Máxima Center, knowledge from both worlds is pooled together. To further stimulate that, Hans Clevers, Scientific Director, offered an award that every principal investigator could be eligible for once

In the Princess Máxima Center healthcare and research into pediatric oncology is centralized. The benefit of this is that knowledge derived from clinical practice and knowledge derived from science are pooled together. The challenges faced in clinical practice inspire science, and scientific developments can be translated quickly and easily into clinical practice.  Now that the center has been open for a year, the directors of the Princess Máxima Center are seeing an increasing number of collaborations spring up. “That’s something we’d like to encourage,” says Clevers.

The result of this: The Princess Máxima Reward. The main criterion: The project must be a collaborative effort between preclinical and clinical researchers.

Research proposals

On Monday May 27, no fewer than 23 principal investigators gave their pitch after having previously submitted a comprehensive project proposal. A wide array of topics was covered, in terms of both disease profiles and research techniques. From psychosocial effects in cases of brain tumor to developing model systems in the lab for kidney tumors. And from genetic analysis of leukemia patients to developing methods to preserve fertility in young boys.

Young talent

“It’s an important investment in the future of pediatric oncology,” explains Clevers, who is convinced of the power of translational research. “And it’s also creating jobs. We’re keen to attract young, talented individuals from the Netherlands and abroad.”

Interested? Keep an eye on our vacancies the coming months.