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Two prizes for the Princess Máxima Center

At the yearly scientific retreat organized by the CSnD (Cancer Stem Cells & Development) Ph.D. programme, two Ph.D. students of the Princess Máxima Center received an award for the excellent presentations.

Ravian van Ineveld won a prize with his presentation. He presented his study on a new quantitative method for analyzing 3D imaging data of kidney tumors, which he carries out as Ph.D. student in the group of Anne Rios.

Ravian van Ineveld

Camilla Calandrini, Ph.D. student supervised by Jarno Drost, was also awarded. She studies kidney tumors that occur in children. Therefore, she cultures mini-tumors from tissue from patients in order to test the efficacy of new therapies. Her poster was considered the best. 

Camilla Calandrini