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Op Koers Online (all Máxima parents)

Clinical study into the effect of an online group intervention for parents of children with cancer.
Who can enter

Parents of children with cancer, during treatment or <5 years after treatment.


The goal of this study is to evaluate efficacy and feasibility of a cognitive behavioral-based online group intervention that focuses on the specific issues that play a role in parents coping with a child with cancer. The intervention, led by psychologists, aims to improve psychosocial wellbeing and to prevent psychosocial problems by improving coping skills.


When a child is or has been treated in pediatric oncology, it is stressful for all family members. Parents of a child with cancer are more worried and stressed than parents of healthy children. This is a consequence of intensive care and coordination tasks but also of the emotional burden that coincides with the illness. An online group course could be a good way to support parents with this and to teach them skills that help them cope with the circumstances. Parents receive information and tips, and the course provides a platform for parents to share their experiences.

This study is now closed for inclusion.

Last reviewed

February 16, 2022