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Scientific culture

The Princess Máxima Center integrates the best possible care with the highest quality research under one roof. The presence of both disciplines strengthens each other for the benefit of children with cancer, both now and in the future. To achieve scientific excellence, we pursue multidisciplinarity and collaboration. This requires an open and transparent scientific culture that takes diversity and equality into account. These are all aspects that we aim for in our scientific culture because we know that this fosters the best science.


We believe that intensifying research on all aspects of childhood cancer is essential for reaching the objectives of the Princess Máxima Center to provide the highest level of care. Therefore, our ambition is to be one of the leading scientific research institutes for pediatric oncology in the world. The center is a strong partner for organizations involved in exploring cancer etiology, progression and treatment. The bundling of various expertises will lead to a comprehensive, well-equipped pediatric oncology institute capable of attracting the best national and international talents.

In the Princess Máxima Center we integrate care and research, but this is only one aspect of multidisciplinarity. Our research groups represent a plethora of different disciplines ranging from biochemistry to genomics, computation to cell biology, psychology to epidemiology and clinical trial management to bioinformatics. In order to achieve multidisciplinarity it is essential that our research groups collaborate. Collaboration is also strongly encouraged between individual clinicians with care specialties and individual research groups, as well as with research groups from other institutes on the campus and abroad.