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Annalou Receveur-Diamant

Project member
Annalou Receveur-Diamant
Development-oriented care for adolescents with cancer (OGZ Tienerproject)
Phone 06-25710430

 The goal of the project is to develop and implement additional psychosocial support for adolescents aged 12 to 18 years with cancer. The project is based on recent scientific findings, qualitative data from adolescents and expert opinions.

Three main theme’s are identified:

  1. Autonomy
    - Monitoring Quality of Life (QoL) and participation in everyday- and leisure activities. In the KLIK portal questionnaires are completed by adolescents prior to their oncology consultation. Outcomes are discussed during regular consultations.
    - Supporting pro-activity of adolescents. In the KLIK portal questions are added to assist adolescents to ask questions during their regular oncology consultations.
  2. Communication
    - Providing information about cancer tailored to adolescent needs. A ‘Teenage guide to cancer’ is developed. This guide provides information about medical and psychosocial topics and focuses on relevant information for adolescents.
    - Organizing educational activities for healthcare professionals about the latest advancements in psychosocial care for adolescent with cancer and discuss implementation
  3. Adapted environment
    - Providing a dedicated space for adolescents in the Princess Máxima Center. In close collaboration with adolescents, a teenage lounge is designed
    - Managing Privacy. A communication tool is developed to support privacy of adolescents in their hospital room in the Princess Máxima Center during hospitalization.

    Project evaluation will be carried out using qualitative and quantitative research methods.
    Projectgroup: Prof. Dr. M.A. (Martha) Grootenhuis, H. (Hanneke) de Ridder-Sluijter, PhD (OGZ), M.K. (Maureen) Bult-Mulder, PhD, G.W.F. (Guus) Dekkers, MSc.