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Joeri Mul

PhD Student
Joeri Mul
Highly-conformal radiotherapy in children with renal tumours
Phone 088-97229000 / 06-33808381

In current renal tumor protocols, post-operative radiotherapy to the flank is administered in ±20% of children. For decades, two opposing photon beams are used to cover the flank target volume. By using this technique, a large amount of irradiated volume consists of healthy tissue. New radiotherapy techniques, like intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), volumetric-modulated arc techniques (like VMAT, Rapid Arc, Tomotherapy) and proton therapy, can irradiate complex target volumes with the potential to reduce the dose to normal structures. A guideline for highly-conformal delineation of the target volume to implement modern radiotherapy in current practice is under development in collaboration with the SIOP-Renal Tumor Study Group. Over the course of this PhD project, we want to determine whether highly conformal target volumes are implementable in a multicenter setting. The ultimate goal is to irradiate the smallest possible volume, in order to reduce potential late toxicity related to radiotherapy in survivors of pediatric renal tumors