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Alberto de Luca

Alberto de Luca

  • Advanced intraoperative MRI in pediatric brain tumor surgery

    • jan. 2023
    • Pien E J, Jellema, et al
    • Frontiers in physiology
  • Cross-site harmonization of multi-shell diffusion MRI measures based on rotational invariant spherical harmonics (RISH)

    • okt. 2022
    • Alberto, De Luca, et al
    • NeuroImage
  • Multimodal tract-based MRI metrics outperform whole brain markers in determining cognitive impact of small vessel disease-related brain injury

    • sep. 2022
    • , et al
    • Brain Structure and Function
  • Insights from the IronTract challenge

    • aug. 2022
    • Chiara, Maffei, et al
    • NeuroImage
  • Improved sensitivity and precision in multicentre diffusion MRI network analysis using thresholding and harmonization

    • jan. 2022
    • Bruno M., de Brito Robalo, et al
    • NeuroImage: Clinical
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