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Anne Maas

PhD student
Anne Maas

Risk and protective factors of long-term psychosocial effects in adult survivors of childhood cancer: the LATER Psycho-oncology study

Phone 088 97 25 157

As cure rates for childhood cancer are rising, the adult population of childhood cancer survivors (CCS) has increased. The improved prognosis of childhood cancer is accompanied by long-term health problems and psychosocial challenges. This project will provide insight into a) psychosocial functioning of adult CCS, in particular survivor-specific psychosocial outcomes b)the relation of physical health problems (burden of disease), cancer treatment and diagnosis with psychosocial functioning and c) psychosocial risk and protective factors of psychosocial functioning of adult CCS. With this knowledge, the care for children, adolescents and adults who grow up with childhood cancer can be further optimized.

Project leaders: Martha Grootenhuis, Heleen Maurice-Stam, Leontien Kremer