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Atia Samim

MD-PhD student
Atia Samim
Atia Samim
Image-driven diagnostics and therapy in neuroblastoma
Phone 088 97 25 584

Co-PI: dr. Bart de Keizer, nuclear medicine physician. 

After graduating as M.D. with a special interest in pediatric oncology imaging, I started my PhD trajectory at the Princess Máxima Center in 2020. My PhD projects are focused on nuclear medicine imaging of patients with neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a tumour that often disseminates to bone and lymph nodes. It is important to accurately visualize disease localisations in the body. Repeated scans are required for staging, response assessment, and follow-up of neuroblastoma. Our work will be a combination of I) studying current imaging techniques and II) introducing a new scan method. Our aim is to learn from what we see on current imaging (for instance, evaluate tumor recurrence after image-guided radiotherapy). The most important study is the MFBG PET-CT study on a new scan technique that has many advantages over current MIBG scanning. See the video for more information.

This research is part of the Theranostics Research Group (Prof. Max van Noesel, Dr. Alex Poot, and Prof. Marnix Lam).
  • [<sup>18</sup>F]mFBG PET-CT for detection and localisation of neuroblastoma

    • jan. 2022
    • Atia, Samim, et al
    • European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging in Neuroblastoma

    • apr. 2021
    • Atia, Samim, et al
    • Journal of personalized medicine
  • Frequency and characteristics of pulmonary nodules in children at computed tomography

    • dec. 2017
    • Atia, Samim, et al
    • Pediatric Radiology
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