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Bas Vaarwerk

Former PhD student
Bas Vaarwerk
Optimizing rhabdomyosarcoma treatment; assessing the role of radiological imaging in pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma
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In this project we aim to assess the value of several radiologic measurements used at diagnosis, during treatment and after the end of treatment for pediatric patients with rhabdomyosarcoma. After the end of treatment patients treated for rhabdomyosarcoma are subject to extensive surveillance imaging to detect a potential relapse in an early phase to improve prognosis after relapse. In our project we assess the value of surveillance imaging, but we also examine the views and experiences of parents and pediatric oncologists on the follow-up examinations during surveillance.

Bas' project is carried out in collaboration with the AMC.
He is supervised by Prof. Dr. Huib Caron (AMC), Prof. Dr. Rick van Rijn (AMC), Dr. Hans Merks and Prof. Dr. Martha Grootenhuis

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