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Cécile Ronckers

Senior investigator, co-PI
Cécile Ronckers
Subsequent tumors, radiation epidemiology


Phone 00 31 (0) 6 15 43 39 21

Our group focuses on two pillars: (1) Assessment of risk for subsequent benign and malignant tumors among childhood cancer survivors, to improve our understanding on the burden of subsequent tumors and to assess the role of prior treatment in the multi-factorial etiology of cancer.  (2) Radiation studies, to obtain good estimates of radiation doses to organs-at-risk and to assess the relationship between radiotherapy in childhood and health outcomes later in life, drawing on methodology from radiation epidemiology, statistics and modelling physics. This is essential for the past and the future because prior radiotherapy is a major contributor to side effects across the body, in a highly technological field that is changing rapidly. In all of our work we strive to conduct studies in such a way that clinically relevant questions can be answered and we contribute actively to guideline groups to ensure adequate translation of complex statistics from radiation studies into guideline recommendations for treatment planning and survivorship care.