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Dennis Timmerman

PhD student
Dennis Timmerman
Liquid biopsy microRNA-based clinical monitoring and alternative therapy of pediatric germ cell tumors (pGCTs)
Phone 088 97 25 614

Germ cell tumors (GCTs) compromise about 5% of all pediatric tumors; about 50 new cases are diagnosed within the Netherlands each year. The current clinical evaluation of pGCT patients at diagnosis (tumor extent), during treatment (tumor response) and follow-up (detection of recurrence) using standard biomarkers (serum and cerebrospinal fluid) and nuclear imaging techniques has significant limitations (sensitivity/specificity) and leads to substantial radiation exposure. Because of these limitations and possible chemotherapy resistance, some pGCT patients have poor prognosis warranting further research for better monitoring tools and alternative treatment modalities. We will investigate the value of a microRNA-based liquid biopsy assay for presence of (malignant) pGCT components, both at diagnosis and during follow-up.