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Dr. Hans Merks

Principal Investigator
Dr. Hans Merks
Dr. Hans Merks
The focus of the Merks group is to answer key clinical questions in pediatric sarcoma treatment with the aim to improve cure and quality of life. As Chair of the European pediatric Soft tissue sarcoma Study Group (EpSSG) and Vice-Chair of the Executive Board of the EuroEwing Consortium (EEC) Merks’ aim is to coordinate, design and implement international prospective clinical trials, including translational research, focused on sarcoma across the pediatric and young adult age range. Research in pediatric sarcoma pre-eminently is a multidisciplinary collaboration including a diversity of basic, translational and clinical research partners.
  • Mesenchymal tumor organoid models recapitulate rhabdomyosarcoma subtypes

    • aug. 2022
    • Michael T, Meister, et al
    • EMBO molecular medicine

    • jun. 2022
    • , et al
    • European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990)
  • Metastatic Rhabdomyosarcoma

    • jun. 2022
    • Reineke A, Schoot, et al
    • Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Congenital spindle cell rhabdomyosarcoma

    • jun. 2022
    • Sarah, Whittle, et al
    • European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990)
  • In transit metastases in children, adolescents and young adults with localized rhabdomyosarcoma of the distal extremities

    • mrt. 2022
    • C E J, Terwisscha van Scheltinga, et al
    • European journal of surgical oncology : the journal of the European Society of Surgical Oncology and the British Association of Surgical Oncology
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