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Elin Irestorm

Elin Irestorm

Characterizing the course of fatigue in children with cancer

Cancer-related fatigue has consistently been found to be one of the most prevalent and distressing symptoms in childhood cancer survivors. Two crucial research gaps have been identified: predictors and longitudinal development. The overall aim of the research project is to characterize the course of fatigue and its determinants in children with cancer, and to develop a biopsychosocial model of fatigue.

I am a licensed psychologist, specialised in clinical neuropsychology. I have extensive clinical experience in assessing cognition in patients diagnosed with neurological disorders such as CNS-tumours or epilepsy. My PhD thesis work involved fatigue after childhood cancer, and especially the relationship between fatigue and cognitive abilities. I defended my thesis in 2021 and shortly afterwards I received a 3-year international post-doc grant from the Swedish Research Council, which I will conduct at Prinses Máxima 2021-2024.