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Frank Bos, PhD

Senior Scientist
Frank Bos, PhD

Manager Máxima Imaging Center: Imaging Center
Senior Scientist, Research department
Member of Rios Group: Rios Group
Member of Máxima Art committee

Developing Kidney showing
stem cells in green and
filtering tubes
in magenta
Developing Kidney 3D
visualization showing newly
discovered stem
cells in (blue)  within known
stem cell population (pink)
surrounding filtering tubes in grey
Developing Kidney slice showing
newly discovered stem cells in
magenta within nephron cells
 (green and blue). All cells in grey
Phone 31 (0)6 40 13 64 01 

Discovery driven research by looking through microscopes

In 2017, I joined the Princess Máxima Center? where my passion and skills for imaging and visualization are combined in managing the Máxima Imaging Center and working on my research line studying kidney development. As a trained developmental biologist and cancer researcher, I aim to explore the fascinating embryonic processes by looking through a microscope. By spying on tissues and cells I want to discover new biological phenomena, cell behavior and patterns.

Throughout my career, I have been following my curiosity, working together with passionate researchers worldwide. This has broadened my expertise on several organs. Whether it is the wiring and patterning of the vasculature, the beating of the heart, the development of a new blood system, or the growth of a kidney. Every organ has it’s own amazing features and surprises.

Currently, most research colleagues will know me through my hands-on microscopy training to all researchers, ranging from BSc, MSc, PhD students and Post-Docs. By training new researchers, we aim to strengthen their skills in microscopy and imaging, which can lead them to new discoveries in pediatric cancer research. Embedded as a member of the Rios group, I am also in the middle of the technological advance on microscopy and imaging methods that are currently developed in house. Truly exciting times!

Since the opening of the Máxima, I have been guiding tours for delegacies in the Máxima to explain the what, why and how in our research. Working at the Máxima continuous to be a fun rollercoaster ride. The best physical ride was in 2019, when I joined Team Princess Máxima in cycling event Giro di Kika. As a team, we raised money for Kika, and became visible to other participants, often families of children with cancer, and we felt honored to contribute to such an incredible (emotional) event. Talking to parents of children with cancer made me realize that our goal is not reached yet. I am excited to announce that we will ride again in 2021, with an even larger team!

As an enthusiastic and passionate scientist, I am part of our mission:

cure every child with cancer.

Let’s make it happen.

Key collaborations, discoveries and findings -
while looking through a microscope

Directing Nanoparticle Biodistribution through Evasion and Exploitation of Stab2-Dependent Nanoparticle Uptake.

Campbell F, Frank L. Bos, Sieber S, Arias-Alpizar G, Koch BE, Huwyler J, Kros A, Bussmann J.

ACS Nano. 2018 Mar 27;12(3):2138-2150. doi: 10.1021/acsnano.7b06995. Epub 2018 Jan 18.

PMID: 29320626

  • Great collaboration with Jeroen how nanoparticles are taken up by specialized cells
  • Provided Imaging data for in vivo experiments.


Single-cell resolution of morphological changes in hemogenic endothelium.

Bos, Frank L, Hawkins JS, Zovein AC.

Development. 2015 Aug 1;142(15):2719-24. doi: 10.1242/dev.121350.

PMID: 26243871

  • My Post-Doc paper: visualized how blood cells develop from the vasculature.
  • Developed a technique to combine scanning electron microscopy with 3D fluorescent imaging data

CCBE1 is essential for mammalian lymphatic vascular development and enhances the lymphangiogenic effect of vascular endothelial growth factor-C in vivo.

Frank L Bos, Caunt M, Peterson-Maduro J, Planas-Paz L, Kowalski J, Karpanen T, van Impel A, Tong R, Ernst JA, Korving J, van Es JH, Lammert E, Duckers HJ, Schulte-Merker S.

Circ Res. 2011 Aug 19;109(5):486-91. doi: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.111.250738. Epub 2011 Jul 21.

PMID: 21778431

  • My third PhD paper: analyzed a mouse model for a new gene that drives lymphatic vessels formation.
  • Internship and collaboration at Genentech, South San Francisco.

Arteries provide essential guidance cues for lymphatic endothelial cells in the zebrafish trunk.

Bussmann J, Frank L. Bos, Urasaki A, Kawakami K, Duckers HJ, Schulte-Merker S.

Development. 2010 Aug;137(16):2653-7. doi: 10.1242/dev.048207. Epub 2010 Jul 7.

PMID: 20610484 Free article.

  • My second PhD paper: fun collaboration with Jeroen
  • Discovered the patterning and growth of arties and lymphatics in zebrafish.
  • A true example of how looking thru a microscope will lead to a discovery.

Ccbe1 is required for embryonic lymphangiogenesis and venous sprouting.

Hogan BM, Frank L. Bos, Bussmann J, Witte M, Chi NC, Duckers HJ, Schulte-Merker S.

Nat Genet. 2009 Apr;41(4):396-8. doi: 10.1038/ng.321. Epub 2009 Mar 15.

PMID: 19287381

  • My first PhD paper: great collaboration with Ben Hogan
  • Discovered the growth and patterning lymphatics in zebrafish by generating a fluorescent line.
  • Another example of how looking thru a microscope will lead to a discovery.

List of all papers:


fun to read: Interview with C2W

https://c2winternational.nl/c2w-2020-issue-3/3d-imaging-as-trademark/ (EN)

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