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Frank Holstege

Principal Investigator
  • Biobank & Clinical Research Committee
Frank Holstege
Frank Holstege
Prof. dr. Frank Holstege previously led a research group in the Princess Máxima Center. His research focused on transcription and (single cell) genomics in pediatric cancer. He remains affiliated as a voluntary advisor for research. 

  • Human fetal brain self-organizes into long-term expanding organoids

    • jan. 2024
    • Delilah, Hendriks, et al
    • Cell
  • Integrative analysis of neuroblastoma by single-cell RNA sequencing identifies the NECTIN2-TIGIT axis as a target for immunotherapy

    • dec. 2023
    • Judith, Wienke, et al
    • Cancer Cell
  • Ewing Sarcoma Single-cell Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Functionally Impaired Antigen-presenting Cells

    • jan. 2023
    • Lindy L., Visser, et al
    • Cancer Research Communications
  • Optimized human intestinal organoid model reveals interleukin-22-dependency of paneth cell formation

    • dec. 2022
    • Gui Wei, He, et al
    • Cell Stem Cell
  • PPARγ lipodystrophy mutants reveal intermolecular interactions required for enhancer activation

    • nov. 2022
    • Maria Stahl, Madsen, et al
    • Nature Communications
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