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Freerk van Dijk

Freerk van Dijk
Freerk van Dijk
Phone 088 97 27 682
  • Prevalence of (Epi) genetic Predisposing Factors in a 5-Year Unselected National Wilms Tumor Cohort: A Comprehensive Clinical and Genomic Characterization.

    • jan. 2022
    • JA, Hol, et al
    • Renal tumors in children and the role of (epi) genetic predisposition
  • Optical genome mapping identifies a germline retrotransposon insertion in SMARCB1 in two siblings with atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumors

    • okt. 2021
    • Mariangela, Sabatella, et al
    • The Journal of pathology
  • Constitutional 2p16.3 deletion including MSH6 and FBXO11 in a boy with developmental delay and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

    • okt. 2021
    • N, van Engelen, et al
    • Familial Cancer
  • Minimal residual disease (MRD) detection in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia based on fusion genes and genomic deletions: towards MRD for all

    • sep. 2021
    • Roland P, Kuiper, et al
    • British journal of haematology
  • Identification of context-dependent expression quantitative trait loci in whole blood

    • jan. 2017
    • Daria V, Zhernakova, et al
    • Nature Genetics
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