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Jan Leerink

Jan Leerink

PhD student
Cardiotoxicity in childhood cancer survivors
Phone 088 97 25 192

The main focus of my PhD is on blood biomarkers for early detection of cardiac disease in childhood cancer survivors. The overall hypothesis is that if we can detect cardiac dysfunction earlier, we may be able to prevent further cardiac deterioration. Identification of novel biomarkers for detection of cardiac disease will be done in a targeted proteomics study in a subset of the Dutch LATER CARD cohort. We focus on plasma markers related to cardiac wall stress, apoptosis, extracellular matrix remodeling and inflammation. Subsequently, we will validate the markers identified in the proteomics study in the entire Dutch LATER CARD cohort.

In additional projects I focus on development and validation of an echocardiographic risk prediction model to identify low risk survivors and genetic susceptibility for anthracycline-induced cardiomyopathy in childhood cancer survivors.

I am also involved in the update of the International Guideline Harmonization Group (IGHG) cardiomyopathy surveillance guideline for asymptomatic cardiac disease in childhood cancer survivors. Next to my work as a PhD student I am doing an epidemiology B master program.

Supervisors: Leontien Kremer, Yigal Pinto., Lieke Feijen, Wouter Kok


Leerink JM, Verkleij SJ, Feijen EAM, et al. Biomarkers to diagnose ventricular dysfunction in childhood cancer survivors: a systematic review. Heart. 2019;105(3):210-216. doi:10.1136/heartjnl-2018-313634

Leerink JM, Feijen ELAM, van der Pal HJH, et al. Diagnostic tools for early detection of cardiac dysfunction in childhood cancer survivors: Methodological aspects of the Dutch late effects after childhood cancer (LATER) cardiology study. Am Heart J. 2020;219:89-98. doi:10.1016/j.ahj.2019.10.010

Leerink JM, Baat ECd, Feijen EAM, Bellersen L, Dalen ECv, Grotenhuis HB, Kapusta L, Kok WEM, Loonen J, Pal HJHvd, Pluijm SMF, Teske AJ, Mavinkurve-Groothuis AMC, Merkx R and Kremer LCM. Cardiac Disease in Childhood Cancer Survivors. JACC: CardioOncology. 2020;2:363-378.