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In the WES-KidTs project (Whole Exome Sequencing in children with Kidney Tumors), we study the impact of genetic predisposition in pediatric renal cancer, by structurally documenting phenotypic information of all patients with pediatric renal tumors, and performing whole-exome sequencing (WES) of germline DNA in patients in whom a genetic predisposition is not identified in routine targeted genetic testing. The results of this study are used to determine the frequency of known and novel renal cancer predisposing mutations, and to develop better guidelines for genetic counseling and surveillance. Ultimately, this will contribute to a better detection of genetic predisposition in children with renal cancer.

  • Parents' experiences with large-scale sequencing for genetic predisposition in pediatric renal cancer: A qualitative study

    • aug. 2022
    • Sebastian, Bon, et al
    • Psycho-oncology
  • Prevalence of (Epi) genetic Predisposing Factors in a 5-Year Unselected National Wilms Tumor Cohort: A Comprehensive Clinical and Genomic Characterization.

    • jan. 2022
    • JA, Hol, et al
    • Renal tumors in children and the role of (epi) genetic predisposition
  • Bilateral Renal Tumors in Children

    • nov. 2021
    • Sophie E, van Peer, et al
    • Journal of clinical medicine
  • TRIM28 variants and Wilms' tumour predisposition

    • jul. 2021
    • Janna A, Hol, et al
    • The Journal of pathology
  • Clinical value of a screening tool for tumor predisposition syndromes in childhood cancer patients (TuPS)

    • mrt. 2021
    • Floor A M, Postema, et al
    • Familial Cancer
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