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Joske Ubels

Joske Ubels
Joske Ubels
  • Human induced pluripotent stem cells display a similar mutation burden as embryonic pluripotent cells in vivo

    • feb. 2022
    • Karlijn A.L., Hasaart, et al
    • iScience
  • Mutation signatures of pediatric acute myeloid leukemia and normal blood progenitors associated with differential patient outcomes

    • sep. 2021
    • Arianne M, Brandsma, et al
    • Blood cancer discovery
  • Rainforest

    • dec. 2020
    • Joske, Ubels, et al
    • Bioinformatics
  • Gene networks constructed through simulated treatment learning can predict proteasome inhibitor benefit in multiple myeloma

    • nov. 2020
    • Joske, Ubels, et al
    • Clinical Cancer Research
  • A data-driven interactome of synergistic genes improves network-based cancer outcome prediction

    • feb. 2019
    • Amin, Allahyar, et al
    • PLoS Computational Biology
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