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Lisanne Verbruggen

PhD student
Lisanne Verbruggen
Radiotherapy-related meningioma and cerebrovascular events in childhood cancer survivors
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Advanced treatment regiments have led to increased survival rates among patients with childhood cancer. Disadvantage of treatment with radiation therapy and chemotherapy is the risk of late effects, years after treatment. In retrospective studies we analyze the late effects of radiation therapy on the upper body. Previous studies have shown that the risk of subsequent meningiomas and cerebrovascular accidents is increased among survivors of childhood cancer treated with radiation therapy on the upper body. During my PhD I will study the clinical characteristics of meningioma and cerebrovascular accidents that occur among 5-year survivors in the Dutch LATER cohort. Besides I will also use treatment data of the previous childhood cancer to quantify the relationship between the radiation therapy and radiation therapy-related risk factors and occurrence of late effects. 

Supervisor(s): L. Kremer, C. Ronckers, G. Janssens, H. van der Pal


Verbruggen LC, Hudson MM, Bowers DC, Ronckers CM, Armstrong GT, Skinner R, et al. Variations in screening and management practices for subsequent asymptomatic meningiomas in childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer survivors. Journal of Neuro-Oncology. 2020.