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Loraine Cahn

PhD student
Loraine Cahn
Innovations for the LATER guideline follow-up childhood cancer: development and implementation

Advances made in the treatment of childhood cancer have led to a vast increase of patient survival. However, 75% of the growing group of childhood cancer survivors is challenged with one or more late effects of their previous treatments. The LATER guideline describes the follow-up care that this relatively new patient population requires, according to available scientific knowledge.

Together with survivors, health care professionals, policy makers, researchers, clinical computer scientists and data scientists, I am working on establishing and implementing three innovations for the LATER guideline:

  1. Development of the ICT tool “living guidelines”
    To provide optimal follow-up care, it is essential that the LATER guideline continues to be based on the most recent scientific knowledge. The ICT tool living guidelines is intended to achieve this goal.
  2. Development of the LATER-clinical decision support tool and a standard LATER individual care plan (ICP).
    A clinical decision support tool is being developed to partially automate and simplify the use of the LATER guideline by doctors. The standard ICP will be developed as a document that is provided to patients and describes their follow-up care plan in a clear fashion.
  3. Personalizing the LATER-ICP by shared decision making
    In this process, the doctor and the patient discuss the ICP and adapt it according to the personal needs and wishes of the patient, allowing for highly personalized care to be provided.

Supervisor(s): Prof. Dr. Leontien Kremer, Dr. Renée Mulder, Dr. Heleen van der pal