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Mala Joosten

PhD student
Mala Joosten

Seeing Siblings

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, this affects the entire family, of which siblings are an important part. Siblings have to cope with situations that their peers do not have to deal with. In the Princess Máxima Center, we believe it is essential to give siblings the attention they deserve. For the Seeing Siblings project, we developed a program with the following ingredients: A) provide information for siblings through the website, B) educate health care professionals about the impact on siblings, C) educate school teachers about the impact on siblings, D) screen and monitor siblings, E) provide activities and both online and face-to-face educational courses for siblings so they can meet each other and share experiences (Op Koers ). This program is done in cooperation with development-oriented care and psychosocial care.

In addition to this health-care innovation program, I work on research into the wellbeing of siblings and parents in the Princess Máxima Centre and into an online group intervention for parents.

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