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Minoo Ashtiani

Research data analist
Minoo Ashtiani
Statistical analysis of multi-omics data in the development of functional genomics of leukemia

I studied Applied Statistics in Qazvin, Iran. Throughout my education, I worked on centrality analysis in protein-protein interaction networks (PPINs) in Pasteur Institute of Iran. After completing my education, I went for an internship to the Institute of Computational biomedicine, University Hospital of Heidelberg, Germany to work on statistical analysis of cancer­relevant signaling pathways using transcriptomics data.  Then, I had another internship focusing on the effect of affinity purification procedure PPINs at Protein Evolution group, Heidelberg university.

During these years, I mainly have focused in developping packages and tools together with statistical analysis of multi-omics datasets. In 2021, I started to work as bioinformation in Heidenreich group. Here, I will be take part in the analysis part of the projects leading to functional dissection of leukemic transcriptional networks.

Contact information 

Email: m.ashtiani@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl