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Nicolle Besselink

Lead Research Technician

Single cell sequencing to characterize B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Nicolle Besselink studied life sciences at the University of Applied Science in Enschede and graduated in 2007. After working in the University Medical Center of Utrecht for several years in different capacities, Nicolle has made the switch to the Princess Máxima Center in June 2023.

Her focus is on the implementation of (more) single cell technologies in the research program of the Den Boer group, to characterize the heterogeneity between bone marrow aspirates of patients suffering from ALL and to identify how ALL cells manipulate the bone marrow environment. Together this work is aimed to optimize ex vivo bone marrow models for research projects addressing ways to improve response to (immuno/chemo) therapeutic drugs. In addition to labwork, Nicolle leads the technician group and has lab management tasks to support scientific and clinical trial related projects of the Den Boer group.

Phone: +31 88 972 50 71
Email: N.J.M.Besselink-5@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl