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Sjors Middelkamp

Sjors Middelkamp
Sjors Middelkamp
Tracing somatic DNA variants in cancer and healthy cells

All cells in the body acquire DNA changes (mutations) during life. Many of these mutations are only present in specific subpopulations of cells, depending on the timing and the tissue in which they arose. Some of these DNA mutations can contribute to the development of cancer. We use new technologies to detect these mutations in small groups of cells derived from patients. This allows us to determine the origin of cancer-related mutations during development and how these mutations can lead to cancer

  • The Dynamics of Somatic Mutagenesis During Life in Humans

    • jan. 2021
    • Freek, Manders, et al
    • Frontiers in aging
  • Sperm DNA damage causes genomic instability in early embryonic development

    • apr. 2020
    • Sjors, Middelkamp, et al
    • Science Advances
  • Biallelic variants in POLR3GL cause endosteal hyperostosis and oligodontia

    • jan. 2020
    • Paulien A., Terhal, et al
    • European Journal of Human Genetics
  • Prioritization of genes driving congenital phenotypes of patients with de novo genomic structural variants

    • dec. 2019
    • Sjors, Middelkamp, et al
    • Genome Medicine
  • Complementary Activity of ETV5, RBPJ, and TCF3 Drives Formative Transition from Naive Pluripotency

    • mei 2019
    • Tüzer, Kalkan, et al
    • Cell Stem Cell
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