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Tim Dielen

Tim Dielen
Developing and Visualizing a 3D Leukemic Niche
Phone 088 97 25 701

Tim Dielen obtained his bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences – Biology in Eindhoven in 2014. From 2014 until 2019 he worked in the Leiden University Medical Center and Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht as a research technician for Prof. Dr. Eelco de Koning in the field of diabetology. During this period Tim developed his skills in 3D culturing of primary material and confocal imaging. From 2020 onwards he started in the Den Boer group as technician, supporting projects related to culturing and imaging of leukemic cells next to being involved in the iTHER, Bosutinib, Inotuzumab, VyClo and Vidaza clinical trials.

Collagen matrix with human mesenchymal stromal cells and ALL cells (in magenta). Actin (cytoskeleton) of all cells is visible in green and all nuclei in blue.