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KLIK-PROM portal

Study into the improvement of the KLIK-PROM portal
Who can enter

All children aged 12-21 who receive care or follow-up at the Princess Máxima Center, parents (caregivers) of children aged 0 to 21, and health care providers.


The goal of this study is to improve the KLIK-PROM portal and make it accessible to children, adolescents and their parents. We want to know what they like about it and what they think could be improved.


At the Princess Máxima Center, families are invited to participate in KLIK. Through the KLIK-PROM portal (www.hetklikt.nu) we ask children (or their parents) and adolescents to fill in online questionnaires before visiting the outpatient clinic. For example, the questions are about how things are going at school/work, contact with friends, whether they have energy and sleep well. The children or adolescents can answer the questions at home on their computer, tablet or smartphone. The answers will be discussed by the doctor or nurse specialist during an appointment.

We would like to improve the KLIK-PROM portal by hearing from the children, adolescents and their parents what they are satisfied with and what can be improved. We will do this through interviews that can take place online or at the Princess Máxima Center. We will also conduct focus groups with healthcare providers.

In order to participate in a study please refer to your/your child’s doctor.

Last reviewed

March 6, 2024