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Emmanuelle Charpentier talks about DNA processing

From the production of healthy oil to HIV medication and from cancer treatment to the creation of designer babies; it is all possible with the new DNA processing technology CRISPR/Cas9. Emmanuelle Charpentier talks about her scientific contribution to this revolutionary technique at the Scientific Symposium of the Princess Máxima Center on October 29.

All our body cells contain DNA. It contains all the information that our body needs. Sometimes there are errors in the DNA code that make someone sick. With CRISPR/Cas9 we may be able to resolve these errors in the future.

This offers the possibility to remedy diseases like cancer. But the applications are much broader. With CRISPR/Cas9, the building plan of any organism can be adjusted in theory. This has many advantages for scientific research into DNA diseases, and also for agriculture.

Prof. Charpentier has won numerous awards, including this year's Kavli prize for nanoscience, for her work on CRISPR/Cas9. And her name is mentioned in conversations about future Nobel Prizes. On Monday, October 29 she will present her work at the Scientific Symposium of the Princess Máxima Center in the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.

There are still places available for this two-day event, which also includes other big-name speakers from the fields of (child)oncology and biomedical technologies. Registration is closed.