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“Optimal care cannot be provided by the doctor alone”

In her inaugural speech on September 7, Leontine Kramer said that not only medical treatment but also quality of life is a crucial aspect of care in pediatrics and pediatric oncology. Patients and parents are getting more and more say in this, the brand-new professor added.

 “Optimal care is about which medicine works against the disease,” explains Kremer, “but you also have to look at what the individual patient prefers. That improves the outcome. And you really have to ask the child or the parents that themselves. Then, of course, there are also explosive healthcare costs that arise which you have to consider, but also the workload of the care providers.”

In short, there are so many crucial aspects in the composition of an optimal treatment that the doctor cannot do it alone. That is why Kremer supports working in creative networks. This means that doctors and patients, but also, for example, health insurers and psychologists, sit down together to put together the best treatment for an individual case.

“This can be seen in the interior of the Princess Máxima Center, everyone from child to physiotherapist has thought about it,” says Kremer “and also in the way of working in our center. The child and the parents are always central.” In addition to her work at the Princess Máxima Center, the professor works in care in pediatrics at the Emma Children's Hospital in Amsterdam. “What I learn in pediatric oncology I can use in pediatrics, and what I learn in pediatrics can be applied again in pediatric oncology.”

Prof.dr. Leontien Kremer held her inaugural speech on September 7th in the Oude Lutherse Kerk in Amsterdam (photo; beeldenbrigade).