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Pediatric oncologist Hans Merks: new chair of the EpSSG

Hans Merks, pediatric oncologist at Princess Máxima Center’s Solid Tumors department, has been elected chair of the European paediatric Soft tissue sarcoma Study Group (EpSSG). In this international research organization, professionals from all over Europe work intensively together in the field of ‘soft tissue sarcomas’ to develop better treatment methods for children diagnosed with this type of cancer. After being trained as a Chair-Elect Merks will be constituted in December 2019.
Hans Merks: "It is a huge honor to have been offered this position. For years I have participated actively in this organization and I work with a lot of enthusiasm with a wide range of international colleagues. Our congress, which is held twice a year, started yesterday. This time it was our – the Netherlands - turn to welcome the participants. During the congress, more than a hundred specialists exchange knowledge, we come up with new studies and talk about collaborating more closely. Important colleagues from the United States and Japan are also present at the congress. Together with them we develop a communal ‘language’, that we use to connect all our data on sarcomas from all over the world. Furthermore, we share study results and make plans for new research in a very early stage, which has two advantages: our patients can benefit from new, international knowledge earlier and we prevent overlap in research."

Congress: EpSSG Winter Utrecht Meeting 2018
Location: Princess Máxima Center and University Medical Center Utrecht
Date: Wednesday December 5th until Friday December 7th