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Successful Science Weekend

On Sunday, October 2, the Princess Máxima Center opened its doors to 250 enthusiastic and curious children and their parents. Dressed in lab coats, the children performed various experiments and at the Máxima lectures they learned about DNA and stem cells. During the laboratory tours, the children saw where the researchers at the Máxima Center work.

Catching strawberry DNA and leukemia cells

Once the lab coat was put on and the life-size bear from KiKa was greeted, the young researchers went to work with the researchers from the Máxima Center. Children learned how to extract DNA from a strawberry, where the organs in our body are located, how cells are stored in the biobank and how to use computers to read the genes in DNA. They also compared healthy cells with tumor cells under the microscope, caught leukemia cells with a scoop net and attacked tumor cells with 'T-cell sandbags'.

During the Máxima lectures, children and parents took seats in the auditorium. Dr. Ruben van Boxtel, Dr. Mirjam Belderbos and PhD student Debbie Stavleu took the audience into the world of research, DNA and stem cells. In short, a very successful day where children got a look behind the scenes of our research hospital.