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Scientific integrity

Scientific research plays an important role at the Princess Máxima Center and is crucial to increase cure rates and to decrease late effects of treatment. We are now the biggest scientific research institute for pediatric oncology in Europe that employs both national and international top scientific talents.

Within the Princess Máxima Center, all persons involved in research bear a personal responsibility to maintain scientific integrity. The general principles of professional scientific conduct should be observed at all times. The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (VSNU 2018) provides an elaboration of these principles, to which the Princess Máxima Center also subscribes, and which are further elaborated and explained in its research code.

One of the aids to assess scientific integrity is the right to complain if Princess Máxima Center employees are violating scientific integrity or if they are suspected of doing so. We appreciate being informed of complaints about scientific conduct because this gives us the opportunity to find a solution, and it also helps us to ensure scientific integrity.

Read the Scientific Integrity Complaints Procedure guidelines here.
If you have any questions, please contact Margriet Mijer

Members of the complaints committee are:

Jan Hoeijmakers (Chair)

Martha Grootenhuis (Member)

Florien van Woerden-Poppe (Lawyer)

Margriet Mijer (Secretary)

Marcel Kool (Confidential Counsellor)

Hans Merks (Confidential Counsellor)