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Dennis Metselaar

Phone 088 97 290 000


  • The heterogeneous sensitivity of pediatric brain tumors to different oncolytic viruses is predicted by unique gene expression profiles

    • apr. 2024
    • Konstantinos, Vazaios, et al
    • Molecular therapy. Oncology
  • Microglia in pediatric brain tumors

    • nov. 2023
    • Aimée, du Chatinier, et al
    • Cell Reports Medicine
  • Generation of immunocompetent syngeneic allograft mouse models for pediatric diffuse midline glioma

    • jun. 2022
    • Aimée, Du Chatinier, et al
    • Neurooncology Advances
  • AURKA and PLK1 inhibition selectively and synergistically block cell cycle progression in diffuse midline glioma

    • jun. 2022
    • Dennis S., Metselaar, et al
    • iScience
  • Radiosensitization in Pediatric High-Grade Glioma: Targets, Resistance and Developments

    • apr. 2021
    • Dennis S., Metselaar, et al
    • Frontiers in Oncology
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