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Aimée Westerveld

PhD student
Aimée Westerveld

Risk and time trends of subsequent tumors after five decades of pediatric cancer treatment

Phone 088 97 25 192

Due to increased survival of childhood cancer, late morbidities are becoming more important. Previous studies showed that childhood cancer survivors are at increased risk of late morbidities, including subsequent tumors, both benign and malignant. If we can better predict which survivors are at highest risk of developing subsequent tumors, we can improve follow-up recommendations for survivors and inform the development of new childhood cancer treatment protocols. Therefore, this project aims to gain new knowledge into the risk of and risk factors for subsequent tumors among 5-year childhood cancer survivors in the LATER cohort. For my PhD project I will (1) evaluate the risks of survivors with multiple subsequent tumors, (2) describe the temporal changes of subsequent tumor risk in survivors and relate these to changes in treatment intensity, and (3) determine incidence of and risk factors for subsequent tumors in specific childhood cancer groups in close collaboration with clinical experts.

Supervisors: Jop Teepen, Heleen van der Pal, Leontien Kremer