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Alex Janse

Making Next Generation Sequencing user-friendly to non-bioinformaticians
Phone 088 97 25 188

Pediatric cancer is a genomic driven disease. Therefore, an increase in next generation sequencing (NGS) is being used to characterize tumor samples. It is valuable that researchers are able to access and understand the large datasets created by next generation sequencing pipelines. To do this we are creating Workflow Definition Language (WDL) based pipelines that are able to convert the output files of the PMC Biobank NGS pipelines to files that can be imported into a local version of cBioPortal. cBioPortal is a web application that allows for visualization of NGS data and contains tools to further analyze the data and create cohorts.

Beside this project I’m also involved in running the NGS pipelines and if needed improving them.

In the past, I have completed the study MLO Microbiologie (microbiology lab technician) at ROCMN in Utrecht and my bachelor Bioinformatics (Cum Laude) at the University of Applied Sciences HAN Nijmegen.


  • Systematic discovery of gene fusions in pediatric cancer by integrating RNA-seq and WGS

    • jul. 2023
    • Ianthe A E M, van Belzen, et al
    • BMC Cancer
  • Trecode: A FAIR Eco-System for the Analysis and Archiving of Omics Data in a Combined Diagnostic and Research Setting

    • dec. 2022
    • Hinri, Kerstens, et al
    • BioMedInformatics
  • Molecular Characterization Reveals Subclasses of 1q Gain in Intermediate Risk Wilms Tumors

    • okt. 2022
    • Ianthe A.E.M., van Belzen, et al
    • Cancers
  • Mesenchymal tumor organoid models recapitulate rhabdomyosarcoma subtypes

    • aug. 2022
    • Michael T, Meister, et al
    • EMBO molecular medicine
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