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A.M.C. (Jojanneke) van Kooten

PhD Student
A.M.C. (Jojanneke) van Kooten
SILENCE study and validation of PROMIS sleep item banks in adolescents

The aim of the SILENCE-study is to investigate the validity of a wearable device to non-invasively measure sleep disruptions and stress due to infusion pump alarms. In this pilot study, 20 children admitted for anti-cancer treatment and their inrooming parents will be included. The results of the SILENCE study will help to set up a follow-up study to evaluate whether a more silent hospital environment improves sleep and diminishes stress.

To optimally measure sleep, it is important to have valid questionnaires with a low (time)burden. Currently few properly validated questionnaires on sleep exist for the pediatric population. PROMIS (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System) item banks are promising, and can be used across countries and different populations. By making outcomes more comparable and using validated outcome measurements, we can improve research and patient care. Importantly, PROMIS item banks are developed to be used as computer adaptive tests (CAT). CAT has the ability to generate an outcome with a small amount of questions, thus saving time and patient effort: questions are selected for the individual, based on his or her previous answers. 

We are now validating both PROMIS sleep item banks developed for adults, and the item banks developed for 8-18 year olds, in healthy adolescents: to produce Dutch norm values and determine which item banks suit this population best.

Jojanneke is supervised by Dr RRL van Litsenburg, Prof Dr GJ Kaspers (Máxima and VUmc) and Prof. Dr M.A. Grootenhuis


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