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Anne Rios

Principal Investigator
Anne Rios
Anne Rios
Phone 088 97 29 000
  • Single-cell transcriptomics reveals immune suppression and cell states predictive of patient outcomes in rhabdomyosarcoma

    • jan. 2023
    • Jeff, DeMartino, et al
    • Nature communications
  • Multispectral confocal 3D imaging of intact healthy and tumor tissue using mLSR-3D

    • dec. 2022
    • Ravian L., van Ineveld, et al
    • Nature Protocols
  • Resolving the spatial heterogeneity of cancer in 3D

    • okt. 2022
    • Anne C., Rios
    • Nature Reviews Cancer
  • Rapid tissue prototyping with micro-organospheres

    • sep. 2022
    • Zhaohui, Wang, et al
    • Stem Cell Reports
  • 3D imaging for driving cancer discovery

    • mei 2022
    • Ravian L, van Ineveld, et al
    • The EMBO journal
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