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Rios group

We focus on investigating the cellular dynamics governing paediatric cancer progression by implementing innovative imaging strategies using confocal, multiphoton and lightsheet microscopy technologies. On behalf of the Microscopy and Imaging facility, we ensure that the imaging expertise gained will be applied for studying all subtypes of childhood cancers.

Group leader: Dr. Anne Rios

Dr. Rios developed a unique imaging technique to visualize intact organ/tumor in 3D, encompassing the entire tissue, down to a sub-cellular resolution within a single biological sample. Her group is now implementing this 3D methodology and other advanced imaging techniques (e.g. intravital, super resolution, multiplex imaging) to decipher the cellular and molecular mechanisms governing pediatric cancer initiation and progression in a developing organ. Several research lines in the field of developmental and tumor biology have been set up for different pediatric cancers and associated-organs; including high-grade glioma, kidney cancer and neuroblastoma. One of the driving forces of the group is to advance imaging technologies for cancer biology.


“We visualize the unexpected" Dr. Anne Rios - Group leader

 An innovation in our research line is the development of a 3D-stereo-display that uses 3D-glasses to immerse the public inside virtual entire organs and associated-cancers. We believe that this inventive visualisation is a strong asset to engage the community into the fight against cancer and create a new trend in communicating science to the scientific community and the public.




Rios group