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Debbie Stavleu

PhD student
Debbie Stavleu
Debbie Stavleu
Evidence-based guidelines in pediatric oncology patients
Phone 088 97 25 192

My research focuses on the development of evidence-based guidelines in pediatric oncology. This is an important part of the Supportive Care field of medicine as there is a lot of need for these type of guidelines. An evidence-based guideline is a guideline that is based on the current available evidence and can be used for clinical practice. We assess the evidence, discuss with guideline panels and decide which recommendations we can make based on the current knowledge. Under current development, we have guidelines regarding social restrictions and hygiene rules and guidelines regarding blood transfusions. These guidelines are applicable for all pediatric oncology patients and eventually we hope to be able to recommend and give advice to all the patients throughout their whole period of treatment. Besides these guidelines, I am involved in many other projects in for example supervising (medical) students. Working in the Princess Máxima Center is a privilege and I am thankful to work on these important projects, in order to eventually improve the quality of life for ‘our’ children.

Supervisor(s): Wim Tissing, Leontien Kremer, Erik Loeffen, Renée Mulder

  • Complementary and alternative medicine modalities used to treat adverse effects of anti-cancer treatment among children and young adults

    • apr. 2022
    • Dana C., Mora, et al
    • BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies
  • Parental Opinions on Medical Decision-Making in Adolescence

    • jan. 2022
    • Debbie C., Stavleu, et al
    • Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
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