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Elvira van Dalen

Postdoc / Epidemiologist / Coordinating Editor Cochrane Childhood Cancer
Elvira van Dalen
Systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines
Phone 088 97 25 192

Systematic reviews are of great importance in the current era of evidence-based medicine. They provide transparent and reproducible insight into the available scientific evidence for a specific question and the possible lack thereof. Systematic reviews form the basis for evidence-based guidelines, which are essential for the translation of scientific evidence into clinical practice. In this way, the care and thus the health of children with cancer and survivors can be optimized.

The editorial base of Cochrane Childhood Cancer (https://childhoodcancer.cochrane.org/), of which I’m one of the Coordinating Editors, is located in the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology and its main objective is to carry out and (inter) nationally support systematic reviews of the field of pediatric oncology and survivorship care. In addition to performing my own systematic reviews I provide methodological support for all Cochrane Childhood Cancer systematic reviews. Furthermore I’m involved in methodological research in the field of systematic reviews and provide education. I’m also involved in the preparation of evidence-based guidelines.

Besides systematic reviews and guidelines, I’m also involved in research into the late effects of childhood cancer treatment, especially cardiac late effects, both nationally and internationally, for example within the LATER CARD consortium and the European PanCareSurFup study.

Supervisor of: Ogechukwu Asogwa (Research Associate systematic reviews and guidelines)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Leontien Kremer

Key publications:

Mulder RL, Bresters D, Van den Hof M, Koot BG, Castellino SM, Loke YKK, Post PN, Postma A, Szőnyi LP, Levitt GA, Bardi E, Skinner R, van Dalen EC. Hepatic late adverse effects after antineoplastic treatment for childhood cancer. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2019;4(4):CD008205.

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Skoetz N, Goldkuhle M, Weigl A, Dwan K, Labonté V, Dahm P, Meerpohl JJ, Djulbegovic B, van Dalen EC. Methodological review showed correct absolute effect size estimates for time-to-event outcomes in less than one-third of cancer-related systematic reviews. J Clin Epidemiol. 2019;108:1-9.

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