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Esmée van Vliet

PhD student
Esmée van Vliet
Esmée van Vliet
3D Imaging of Cancer Dynamics and Immunotherapy Response
Phone 088 97 27 680

Applying advanced live and fixed imaging techniques to unravel dynamics in cancer development, progression, and the response to (cellular) immunotherapy.

  • 3D imaging for driving cancer discovery

    • mei 2022
    • Ravian L, van Ineveld, et al
    • The EMBO journal
  • Uncovering the mode of action of engineered T cells in patient cancer organoids

    • jan. 2022
    • Johanna F., Dekkers, et al
    • Nature Biotechnology
  • Revealing the spatio-phenotypic patterning of cells in healthy and tumor tissues with mLSR-3D and STAPL-3D

    • okt. 2021
    • Ravian L, van Ineveld, et al
    • Nature biotechnology
  • Werner helicase is a synthetic-lethal vulnerability in mismatch repair– deficient colorectal cancer refractory to targeted therapies, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy

    • aug. 2021
    • Gabriele, Picco, et al
    • Cancer Discovery
  • Long-term culture, genetic manipulation and xenotransplantation of human normal and breast cancer organoids

    • apr. 2021
    • Johanna F., Dekkers, et al
    • Nature Protocols
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