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Fenna van Rijt

Research Technician
Fenna van Rijt
Fenna van Rijt

Research Technician Protein Facility

I studied Applied Science – Science & Life at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. In 2019 I did my final internship at the Janda group where I worked on developing therapeutic antibodies for pediatric kidney tumors.

After graduating I returned to the Máxima as a research technician for the Protein Facility which is embedded in the Janda group. My main focus is on expression, purification and characterization of various proteins, such as Wnt surrogates and antibodies. Besides this, I also work on several projects for the Protein Facility, including phage display for nanobody discovery.
3D structure of an antibody
3D structure of an antibody consisting of two heavy chains (purple) and two light chains (orange).