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Protein Facility

Recombinant proteins and antibodies have a broad range of applications in basic and translational cancer research and are central to various types of cancer immunotherapy. At the Princess Máxima Center Protein Facility, we have broad expertise in protein/antibody biochemistry, engineering and structural biology. We aim to facilitate researchers at our center to incorporate protein/antibody-related work in their specific research lines by offering relevant training and advice.
Scientists who would like to include protein work in their research can contact the Protein Facility to discuss how we can facilitate your research. For instance, we have ongoing projects to make a protein with anti-cancer activity for mouse studies, characterize the interaction of a small molecule drug with a certain signaling protein, and generate antibodies or nanobodies against specific cell surface antigens for developing radiotracers, optical probes, and immunotherapies. The Protein Facility is led by Claudia Janda and supported by Fenna van Rijt.

What we offer:
The Protein Facility offers training and advice on a broad range of experiments, which include but are not limited to:
  1. Protein/antibody expression and purification
  2. Generation of antibodies and antibody fragments
  3. Biophysical characterization of proteins and antibodies
  4. Structural biology / macromolecular crystallography