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Henk Stunnenberg

Principal Investigator
Phone 06 54 31 25 35
  • Author Correction

    • dec. 2022
    • , et al
    • Nature Communications
  • Regulome analysis in B-acute lymphoblastic leukemia exposes Core Binding Factor addiction as a therapeutic vulnerability

    • nov. 2022
    • Jason P., Wray, et al
    • Nature Communications
  • Single cell transcriptomic analysis of the immune cell compartment in the human small intestine and in Celiac disease

    • aug. 2022
    • Nader, Atlasy, et al
    • Nature Communications
  • Longitudinal single-cell transcriptomics reveals distinct patterns of recurrence in acute myeloid leukemia

    • aug. 2022
    • Yanan, Zhai, et al
    • Molecular cancer
  • Dynamics of broad H3K4me3 domains uncover an epigenetic switch between cell identity and cancer-related genes

    • jul. 2022
    • Mohamed, Belhocine, et al
    • Genome Research
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